Mention the salient demographic indicators ofChina, Pakistan and India

The salient demographic indicators of China, Pakistan and India are discussed below
(i) The population of Pakistan is very small and accounts for roughly about one-tenth of China or India. Though China is the largest nation and geographically occupies the largest area among the three nations,Its density is the lowest.
(ii) One child norm was introduced in China in late 1970’s to check population growth. This measure led to a decline in the sex ratio. Although sex ratio is baised against females in all three countries. In recent times, all three countries are trying to adopt various measures to improve the situation. Due to one child norm, after few decades there will he more elderly people in proportion to young people.
(iii) The fertility rate is low in China and very high in Pakistan.
(iv) Urbanisation is high in both Pakistan and China with India having 28 % of its people living in urban areas.