List the various functions of root

Important functions of root:
1.Fixation : The root fixes the plant to the soil i.e., ground.
2.Absorption : Root absorb nutrients and water from the soil.
3.Conduction : It conducts absorbed materials from the soil to the aerial parts of the plant.
4.Special Functions : In addition to the above functions, some adventitious roots perform different function i.e., in Cuscuta (a parasitic plant) they absorb food from the host’s body; in banyan; the prop roots provide support to the plant, in maize, Rhizophora, they support the plant; in Tinospora the green roots perform the function of photosynthesis; in some plants they get swollen and perform as storage organs for the plant; other perform the function of vegetative reproduction. Some roots perform the functions of storage of food reproduction, climbing, giving the support of plant.