Is it necessary to generate employment, in the formal sector ? Why?

(i) Formal sector refers to the organized sec¬tor of the economy. It includes government departments, public enterprises and private establishments that hire 10 or more workers. Workers of the formal sectors enjoy social security benefits and also they remain protected by the labour laws.
(ii) The informal sector is an unorganized sector of the economy. People engaged in this sector do not enjoy any social security benfits and do not have any trade unions and consequently, have low bargaining power. This makes them more vulnerable to the uncertainties of the market.
(iii) Creating more jobs in the formal sector will not only absorb workforce from the informal sector but also help in reducing poverty and income inequalities.
(iv) In order to safeguard the interests of the informal sector and to utilise this portion of the workforce for achieving economic growth, it is very important to generate more employment opportunities in the formal sector rather than in the informal sector.