‘India has been witnessing high population growth since years'

(a) ‘India has been witnessing high population growth since years’. Keeping this in mind, your school Principal has constituted a team of students to spread awareness in the slum areas of the town about the ill effects of high population growth. You are the team leader. Which issues will you suggest to your fellow members to focus on while on the awareness drive?
(b) What values/lesson have you learnt from the above question?

(a) We should focus on the following issues
(i) Lesser members in the family will mean reduced expenditure and thus better care of the family members.
(ii) A small family leads to a more peaceful life with reduced worries.
(iii) Lesser children will improve the mother’s health, leading to a better quality of life. The children can be better educated with the same means at the family’s disposal.
(iv) A small family will be able to better care for the old people in the family.
(b) From the given question, I have learnt the value of awareness and devotion to family. Responsibility towards nation, by being a part of team to spread awareness about ill effects of population increase.