Imagine you are a weaver who saw the events as they unfolded

Imagine you are a weaver who saw the events as they unfolded. Write a report on what you saw.

I have worked very hard to supply the woven cloth in time, but received very little payment than what was agreed to by the contractor. Since, other weavers had also got less payment, on the afternoon of 4th June,
I went alongwith my partner and other weavers to the contractor’s house for asking for better wages for our weaving. .
Our demands were scornfully refused and we were even threatened that no more work would be given to us if we did not work at the same rate as what was paid to us.
Some of my fellow weavers got angry at this and broke the windowpanes of the contractor’s house, barged inside and damaged his furniture and crockery.
Some weavers also broke open his store of woven cloth and tore it all up. Seeing this, the contractor ran away from the house with his family to a nearby village, but there also he did not get shelter.
Next day, the contractor returned with soldiers from the army, who fired at our group of weavers, killing eleven of us. I was injured in the leg by a bullet and now, I am nursing my wounds as I write this.