Imagine that you are the village head

Imagine that you are the village head. In that capacity, suggest some activities that you think should be taken up under this act that would also increase the income of people. Discuss.

Being a village head, there are many activities that would
increase the income of people under this act. Many activities under MGNREGA can be taken up including.
(i) Water conservation and water harvesting.
(i) Drought proofing by digging tubewells.
(iii) Constructing irrigation canals.
(iv) Making provision of irrigation facility on the lands of disadvantaged sections, SCs and STs and other.
(v) Renovation of traditional water bodies (e.g. tanks).
(vi) Land development for agriculture, horticulture etc.
(vii) Constructing check dams for flood control and
(viii) Construction of roads for improving rural connectivity to provide all-weather access to the villages.