Identify the sequence of events that took place in Sukhpar

Identify the sequence of events that took place in Sukhpar and their significance in disaster risk management.

(i) There was a meeting on disaster management called by the BDO which was attended by Ramji, Bharat, the Sarpanch and the Talati (Secretary of the Village Panchayat).
(ii) They decided to prepare a Village Disaster Management Plan (VDMP).
(iii) The villagers of Sukhpar met in the primary school of the village, where>the Block Development Officer (BDO) asked the villagers to run the Village Disaster Management Committee (VDMC) and Village Disaster Management Teams (VDMTs).
(iv) A map of the village was drawn on which the more vulnerable areas were located and marked. The households, which had vulnerable people like the old, sick and ailing, small children, etc were also marked.
(v) The seaside was taken as a prominent natural feature of Sukhpar. Important locations such as the Public Health Centre (PHC), police station and the cooperative bank were marked on the map.
(vi) Alt those houses were identified which had aged immates, infants, small children, expectant and lactating mothers and handicapped residents. These were marked with a ‘V’ for vulnerable as also the houses near the sea and next to the highway.
(vii) The masjid was marked to serve as an early warning system, as it had a public address system installed unit.
(viii) The school compound was identified as a safe haven (place) if the people needed to evacuate and stay there for a definite period.
(ix) After this exercise, the people of Sukhpar had become trained in disaster management and were ready to face any disaster efficiently. When they carried out the ‘Tryout Plan,’ it was a complete success.