How would you administer the Body Mass Index (BMI)

How would you administer the Body Mass Index (BMI). Give example also.

Body Mass Indx (BMI) :
BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This fitness testing is used to measure body composition. Test Administration : In this testing/index the health and fitness abilities of individual is based upon the relationship of height and weight. Here height is considered in metres and centimetres; weight is considered in kilograms and grams. BMI is calculated by taking person’s weight (in kg and gm) and dividing by hieight (mt and cm) square.
i. e., Weight + (height x height)
Example : For instance, if your height is T65 mt, the divisor of the calculation will be (1-65 x 1-65) = 2-7225, If your weight is 50-5 kg then your BMI is 18-54 = (2-7225 - 50-5).
Evaluation of Test : Higher the figure, the more overweight is the person. This is just a guide io know overweight content in body. This test can be a preventive step towards obesity.