How would income and employment increase if the farmers were provided with irrigation and marketing facilities?

If irrigation facilities will be provided, then formers can produce double crops, pursue horticulture and other garden crops in their land besides their primary crops. It will not only sertle the disguised unemployment in the sector, but will also create new employment opportunities because of scope for growth.
Market facilitation will boost the motivation in farming sector. Farmers now can sell their products in the market and will be motivated to produce more for more earning. It will also engage the extra workers i.e. disguised underemployed workers in marketing and give them opportunity for foil employment.
Marketing is a part of tertiary sector, it has inter-dependency an Primary sector. Market facility will induce diversification in agricultural activities and provide scope for processor units to be set-up in the market and enjoy farmers in it during leisure time.
So, market will increase income and employment as well.