How is casteism harmful to the democratic ideals?

Casteism is very harmful for politics and damages democratic ideals;
(i) Casteism violates and goes against the basic principles of the Constitution and democracy that is of justice, equality and fraternity.
(ii) Due to casteism vote bank politics is given preference in India. The economic issues are pushed to the background by leaders who seek support on the basis of caste.
(iii) There is over-emphasis on caste interest loyalty rather than national interest.
(iv) It weakens the mechanisation of the polity.
(v) The government, at the local levels, seeks to retain the traditional domination of the dominant castes thus, frustrating the emergence of a new democratic culture of free and equal citizenship,
(vi) Casteism leads to chaos and bargaining in party politics and ministry formation.
Besides, casteism leads to violence and polarisation on caste lines. Hence, it is very harmful for democracy and country as well.