How could you organize a National level and Zonal level sports

How could you organize a National level and Zonal level sports and games.

Organising the National Level Sports and Games :
The organising school of the National championship will be responsible for conducting the tournament in the best possible manner. The organising school will send the complete and detailed information about the National championships to all the cluster. Zone level organising schools well in advance, so that the qualifying schools coming to participate in the Nationals are fully aware of the venue details and other relevant information about it. The schools hosting national level competitions are permitted to participate directly at that level in that particular discipline and hence need not participate at the lower levels of the competition. Only one team/player shall be eligible for direct entry from the host school. In case of athletics, swimming and table tennis, a large number of students participate at National level. So keeping it in view, the nearby school can act as a co-host. Though the competition will be held at the same single venue but the boarding and lodging facilities either for girls or boys will be provided by the co-host school.
Organising the Cluster/Zonal Level Sports and Games:
Each cluster/zone organising school will sent a detailed circular intimating all the details at least a month beore the commencement of a tournament. Immediately after the competition is over, the complete information will be sent to the AEO (Sports), CBSE regarding the address of the qualifying schools/athletes.