How could you implement the sports and physical education

How could you implement the sports and physical education programmes ?

Implementation of Sports and Physical Education Programmes :
These programmes should be implemented in the following ways :

  1. At pre-school and day care centres :
    Numerous physical education programmes should be provided at pre-school and day care centres for infants and toddlers. These programmes are beneficial for the motor development of infants.
  2. At Schools : During childhood various programmes of physical education and sports should be developed and
    implemented at primary, middle, high and senior schools. The fitness and leisure habits should be developed. If these habits are developed once, they become difficult to change. It has been observed that obesity and coronary heart ailments can begin in childhood. All the students whether they are more capable or less capable, girls and boys and even disabled ones should be involved in sports programmes regularly. They should opt for at least one sport. Schools and the teachers must take this responsibility. Now-a-days 2 or 3 per cent students take part in sports competitions and rest of the students do not involve themselves in sports activities. Although it is not necessary to take part in competitive sports, yet they are required to take part in sports activities so that they may remain fit. “If you want to achieve Something In life, be fit”- this should be the motto of every student. Intramurals as well as extramurals should be organised at school level.
  3. At Colleges and Universities : Every student of each college should be involved in sports and other physical education programmes. Participation in sports activities should be made mandatory for every student at college level. Intramurals and extramurals must be organised in every college so that every student may get the opportunity to participate in sports. Maximum facilities, such as coaching and equipments facilities must be provided. Sufficient number of teachers and coaches should be employed at school as well as college level. Disabled students should be given proper facilities to participate in modified sports activities. A number of students should be selected to participate at university level.
  4. At Community Centres : Facilities of physical education programmes and sports should be provided at community centres. Such centres must be introduced or established at village level also. School and colleges should be used as community centres. A minimum fee can be taken from those persons who use the facilities. The physical education programmes including sports should be classified by teachers and trainers.