How classical taxonomy is different from modern taxonomy?

Classical Taxonomy :
1. It is called old taxonomy or systematics.
2. It is from earliest times to the time of Carolus Linnaeus.
3. The species was considered a basic, concrete and separate unit that was fixed (changeless) or static entity and the work of creator.
4. In it, classification was based on the morphological features only.
5. Few individuals were studied.
6. Practical, artificial and natural systems was proposed.
7. The species was delimited on mor-phological characters.
Modern Taxonomy :
1. It is ca1led Neosisystematics or Biosystematics.
2. It is from post Linnean periods. Its concept was given by Julian Huxley (1940).
3. The species is considered related to one another, mutable and the work of gradual modification as well as dynamic and ever changing.
4. In it, the classification is based on Phylogenetic relationships of the organisms.
5. Large number of individuals are studied.
6. Emphasis in populations instead of species, and various aspects like scientific,economical biochemical, numerical and experimental were included in it.
7.Morphological delimitation was replaced by biological delimitation.