How are sectional interest groups functioning?

How are sectional interest groups functioning? Give example.


  • These interest groups seek to promote the interests of a particular section or group of society.
  • They are sectional as they represent a section of the community: workers, employees, business persons, industrialists, followers of a religion, caste group, etc. Example: Bolivian organisation FEDECOR.
  • Their principal concern is the betterment and well-being of their members, not society in general.
  • Sometimes, these organisations are not about representing the interest of one group or section of society. They represent some common or general interest that needs to be defended.
  • The members of the organisation may not benefit from the cause that the organisation represents. Like the Bolivian organisation FEDECOR.
  • Trade unions, business associations and professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc., are some examples of sectional interest groups.