Has anyone got 100% in ICSE English Language Paper

Has anyone got 100% in ICSE English Language Paper or English Literature Paper? If not what is the highest one can get in both the papers(Practically speaking)?
Also, please provide tips to top both the papers.

The number of marks a student can score in any given subject depends on how well he has studied for it. While you can consult your school to know more about the marking scheme, we can help you with some guidelines that could help you score better in both the English papers.

In ICSE English, the student is expected develop and integrate the use of four language skills:

Paying attention to grammar, structure and form of the language will be essential in the Language paper as most of the questions are related to the day-to-day usage of the language. Practising various styles of writing such as descriptive, narrative, persuasive or argumentative will help you with the essays.

The student is also expected to use his imagination and logical skills while crafting these essays. Having a healthy reading habit (newspapers, novels, magazines) will be greatly beneficial. Listening to documentaries, news channels and educational English shows can enrich one’s language. Conversing in English will reinforce one’s vocabulary and grammar skills.
Correct use of grammar, syntax, punctuations and spellings will help the student in the language section.

In the literature section, students are required to answer five questions based on at least three of the prescribed texts: drama, poetry and prose.
A clear understanding of the text is an obvious prerequisite. The student is encouraged to read the text and understand central idea, the motivations of the characters and its literary value. The student should also be able to give a personal response to some of the texts and poems. It is important that the student lears to appriciate literature and its role in enriching our lives.