"Green Revolution is associated with loss of soil fertility". Justify

“Green Revolution is associated with loss of soil fertility”.Justify.

The Green Revolution in the late 1960s introduced the Indian farmer to cultivate wheat and rice by using High Yielding Varieties (HYV) of seeds. But this revolution is associated with the loss of soil fertility. The reasons behind this condition is discussed below:

  1. High Yeilding Varieties of Seeds (HYVS) needs plenty of water, chemical fertilisers and pesticides to produce best results.
  2. Continuous use of groundwater for tubewell irrigation has reduced the water-level below the ground.
  3. Pesticides and insecticides pollute surface water as well as air.
  4. Chemical fertilisers can kill bacteria and other organisms in the soil. This means sometime after their use, the soil will become less fertile than ever before. The overuse of land and chemical has created problems of severe pollution.