Give the salient features of kingdom Plantae

Kingdom Plantae contains all photosynthetic eukaryotic multicellular organisms and their non-photosynthetic relatives. The salient features of kingdom Plantae are:
(a) Organisms are multicellular except for some algae.
(b) They are eukaryotic.
© Body form is less regular.
(d) Growth is usually indefinite.
(e) Irritability is poor.
(f) Mode of nutrition is oxygenic photosynthesis.
(g) The photosynthetic regions contain producers.
(h) Jhe plants are usually fixed or free-floating.
(i) Structural differentiation into tissues is found except for certain algae.
(j) The cells contain central vacuoles.
(k) Food reserve is usually starch and fat.
(l) Some of the plants are heterotrophic. They are mostly parasitic. A small group of autotrophic plants catch small animals and insects for obtaining extra nitrogen. They are called as insectivorous plants.
(m) Reproduction is both asexual and sexual. Accessory spores are present in lower plants. An embryo stage is absent in the algal group.