Give the role of liver in the human beings

Give the role of liver in the human beings.


Liver is the largest gland in human beings.
Its main functions are as follows:

  • It secretes bile juice which makes the medium of the food alkaline and also emulsifies fat.
  • It stores the excess of glucose in the form of glycogen.
  • Old worn-out RBCs are broken down in liver cells. Their haemoglobin is changed into bile pigments.
  • The ammonia is produced as a result of metabolism of amino acids. It is highly The ammonia combines with C02 and is converted into urea (less toxic).
  • It stores vitamins, iron and copper.
  • It produces fibrinogen and helps in blood-clotting.
  • It produces heparin which does not allow the clotting of blood inside the blood vessels.
  • It regulates the volume of blood to some extent.
  • RBCs are produced at the foetus stage by the liver.