Give me an essay on surgical strikes and counter terrorism

Give me an essay on surgical strikes and counter terrorism.

Please use the points below to write your essay.

Surgical Strike is a military attack planned to result in only damages to the intended legitimate military target.

Surgical strikes are meant to cause no or only minimum collateral damage to surrounding general public infrastructure and utilities.

The numerous surgical strikes carried out by the USA against Al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan is an example of surgical strikes.

Used as a counter terrorism tool by many militaries.

Counter terrorism is the practice of military tactics to combat or prevent terrorism.

It involves increase in police forces and domestic intelligence along with an expanded the range of military and law enforcement operations.

Counter terrorism has been made a priority by Western governments after the September 11 attacks.

Measures designed to tighten security for counter terrorism is often viewed as abuse of power and even violations of human rights.

The 2008 Mumbai attacks across multiple locations in Mumbai is an example of counter terrorist strike. This resulted in the death of 141 Indian civilians, 30 foreigners, 15 policemen and two NSG commandos but captured Ajmal Qasab and other Pakistani nationals affiliated to Laskar-e-taiba.