Give differences amongst three sub-families of Leguminaceae family

Papilionoideae :

  1. Flowers usually zygomorphic.
  2. Flowers perigynous
  3. The calyx gamosepalous.
  4. Corolla papilionaceous.
  5. Androecium generally dia- delphous.
  6. Stamen inserted.
    Caesalpinioideae :
    1.Flowers zygomorphic.
    2.Flowers perigynous.
    3.The calyx generally polysepalous.
    4.Corolla caesalpiniaceous i.e., with ascending imbricate aestivation.
    5.Androecium ten or less, free.
    6.Stamen inserted.
    Mimosoideae :
    1.Flowers mostly actinomorphic.
    2.Flowers hypogynous.
    3.The calyx is gamosepalous or polysepalous.
    4.Corolla regular, free/fused with valvate aestivation.
    5.Androecium many, generally free but rarely monadelphous.
    6.Stamen exserted mostly.