Explain with examples the interdependence between the farmers and the pastoral nomads

The Forects Act, Criminal Tribe Act, Wasteland Rules etc had negatively impacted the lives of pastoralism. Their grazing land was reduced, their movements were restricted, droughts further deteriorated their condition. Hence, pastoralist had to adapt their lifestyle in accordance with their situation.
The pastoralist had set up relationship with the farmers in such a way that herds could graze in harvested field and manure the soil. They also combined different types of activities like cultivation, trade and herding to make a good living. Some pastoralists like Gollas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, cultivated a little ground and kept some part for their cattle and sold in the towns the produce of the dairy. Pastoralists like Banjaras moved long distances, sold plough cattle and other goods to villagers in exchange for grain and fodder.
In this way pastoralists and farmers became interdependent.