Explain the significance of India’s location on the globe

Explain the significance of India’s location on the globe.

India occupies a unique position on the globe. It enjoys a unique proximity with Europe, Africa and Australia. The Indian landmass has a central location between East and West Asia. India is Southward extension of Asia, thus, it forms the South-Central Peninsula of world’s largest continent.

The Deccan Peninsula, India’s Southward extension protrudes into Indian Ocean and divides it into two seas, the Arabian sea on the West and the Bay of Bengal on its East. The Deccan Peninsula helps India to establish easy contact with West Asia, East Africa and Europe from Western coast also establishes contacts with South-East Asia, East Asia and Australia from Eastern coast. India has the longest coastline in Indian Ocean.

East and West coast have many natural harbours due to which India had a flourishing sea trade from ancient times. Due to its prominent location in the ocean, the vast ocean is named after it. These geographical features provide India a significant edge in International trade.