Explain the necessity and usefulness of diagrammatic represention of data

Importance or Utility of Diagrams :
(i) Diagrams give a very clear picture of data. Even | a layman can understand it very easily in a short time.
(ii) We can make comparison between different samples very easily. We don’t have to use any statistical technique further to compare.
(iii) This technique can be used universally at any place and at any time. This technique is used almost in all the subjects and other various fields.
(iv) Diagrams have impressive value also. Tabulated data has not much impression as compared to Diagrams.
A common man is impressed easily by good diagrams.
(v) This technique can be used for numerical type of statistical analysis, e.g. to locate Mean, Mode, Median or other statistical values.
(vi) It does not save only time and energy but also is economical. Not much money is needed to prepare even good diagrams.
(vii) These give us much more information as compared to tabulation. Technique of tabulation has its own limits.
(viii) This data is easily remembered. Diagrams which we see leave their lasting impression much more than other data techniques.
(ix) Data can be condensed with diagrams. A simple diagram can present what even 10000 words cannot represent.