Explain the following terms in relation to Phycomycetes

Explain the following terms in relation to Phycomycetes.
(i) Mycelium (ii) Eucarpyandholocarpy
(iii) Asexual reproduction.

(i) Mycelium : Mycelium is coenocytic and non-septate or aseptate. Septa are formed only in connection with separation of old senescent parts and delimitation of reproductive structures.
(ii) Eucarpy and holocarpy : In eucarpy, only a portion of somatic body is transformed into reproductive body. In holocarpy, transformation of the whole somatic body into reproductive structure is found in only some primitive forms.
(iii) Asexual reproduction : It involves the formation of sporangia. The sporangia function
as conidia in dry habitats as zoosporangia under wet conditions.