Explain meiosis II in an animal cell

Meiosis II happen in the two haploid nuclei simultaneously.
(a) Prophase II: It takes short time. Spindle formation
begins and the chromosomes become short. Two chromatids are joined to a single centromere. Nuclear membrane and nucleolus disintegrate.
(b) Metaphase II : At the equator, the chromosomes
lie and spindle is formed. The centromere of every chromosome is joined to the spindle fibre. Then intromere also divides.
Anaphase II : The daughter chromosomes are formed. Chromatids move towards their poles with the spindle fibres.
(d) Telophase II: Reaching at the poles chromosomes form nuclei which are haploid (N) daughter nuclei. Again nuclear membrane is constructed. Nucleolus is clearly visible.
Cytokinesis : The cytokinesis occurs and four daughter cells are formed which are haploid (N). It may occur once or twice (i.e., in Meiosis I and Meiosis II or only after the meiosis II cell division).