Explain fatigue and its remedies and symptoms

Explain fatigue and its remedies and symptoms.

Fatigue : It is temporary inability of muscles to perform efficiently or it is the inability to continue work. It is actually tiredness. If we go on doing work (mental or physical), the rate of performing work gradually decreases after sometime; This fall in work capacity is due to fatigue.
The causes of fatigue are accumulation of (untolerated) lactic acid in muscles; unsystematic overloading; Weakness; Unbalanced diet; Eollution factors or dirty environment; Insufficient rest or sleep; Fsychological stress, etc.
Symptoms of fatigue are loss of mental concentration; Desire to stop the activity immediately; Loss of interest in the activity; Reduction in neuro-muscular co-ordination; Increase in number of mistakes; Development of irritability etc.
Remedies of fatigue are relaxation; Cold shower bath; Massage; Change of work; Recreation; Balanced diet; Healthy environment; Fsychological motivation etc.