Explain any six advantages of departmental stores


  1. Convenient shopping : A departmental store
    offers a large variety of products under one roof. A customer need not go from one place to another for search of products. Customers can thus save time and effort involved in making purchases of different products
  2. Wide choice of products : Departmental stores
    provide a wide variety of products which enables the customers to choose from a lot of alternatives. Thus, these are capable to cater the needs of all types of customers.
  3. Economies of scale : A departmental store enjoys
    economies of scale as it operates on a larger scale. A large volume of goods are bought by these stores and as a result they enjoy benefit in the form of discounts given by manufacturer.
  4. Services : A wide variety of services are provided by departmental stores, which includes telephone booth, home delivery, post office, and other entertainment facilities.
  5. Location : It is generally located in the heart of the city where people from all parts of the city can reach conveniently.
  6. Advertising : The advertisements are done on mass basis due to availability of huge funds. Each department advertises for other departments.