Examine the measures to combat the problems of communalism

Communalism is very harmful for the working of democratic institutions and peaceful co-existence. Some measures to be taken up to combat or curb communalism in India are :
(i) De-recognition of political parties which by their actions or policies encourage or promote communalism. Religion should be separated from politics.
(ii) Removal of communal orientation from textbooks, etc. meant for schools.
(iii) Coverage of news and views on the radio, television and media suggesting not to promote communal prejudice and hatred.
(iv) Setting up of an R.A.F. (Rapid Action Force) specially trained to handle communal violence.
(v) Punishment to police personnel and concerned officers of a locality or district found guilty of dereliction of duty in controlling communal violence or threat of violence.
(vi) Massive re-awakening of citizens in all walks of life to work towards common good of unity, secularism, democracy, equality and peaceful co┬Čexistence and human society. For this, a committed secular and rational attitude is needed.
Through these efforts we can try to check communalism for the sake of our democracy.