Establish the need for acquiring information relating to health and education expenditure for the effective utilization of human lesouices

(i) The degree of availability of jobs, salaries and admission related information plays an important role in the determination of human capital. The availability of jobs and admissions related information not only help the students to opt for the best choice according to their interest areas but also leads to an effective utilization of human skills and knowledge. Some of the important medium of catering different information related to jobs, eligibility criteria, posts and salaries are Employment news (Rozgar Samachar), Employment exchanges, various TV programs and government and non-government websites.
(ii) Expenditures on education enhance, human skills and their utilizations. On the other hand the expenditure on health improved health, efficiency, quality of living and life expectancy of people. The expenditure incurred on the availability of medical information and health awareness determines the health of the people. The acceptability and use of the medical in formation and family welfare programmes are often obstructed by lack of its publicity and promotion.
(iii) People are reluctant to opt for various health measures due to the lack of complete knowledge and information. For example, few years back, people knew very little about polio and about its vaccination. But due to the constant efforts by various government and non-government organisations under the Pulse Polio immunization program, people are now well aware "of polio. Therefore, it is due to the continuous publicity and various awareness campaigns, this program has gained public consciousness. Thus, the expenditure on the spread of information (of education and health) determines the effectiveness and efficacy of human capital.