Does modernisation as a planning objective create contradiction

Does modernisation as a planning objective create contradiction in the light of employment
generation ? Explain.

No, modernisation as a planning objective does not contradict employment generation rather modernisation and employment generation share a positive relationship in the long run. Modernisation refers to the use of new and modem technology in the production process. This may make some people lose their jobs in the initial stages, as machine take place of men.
But gradually, the use of modem technology and input will raise the productivity and consequently, the income of the people that will further raise the demand for goods and services. In order to fulfil this increased demand, more production output will he required and there will be more job opportunities, that will lead to higher employment in the economy.
Even in the short ran, modernisation leads to creation of employment opportunities for skilled workers and if proper training and vocational education is provided, it will lead to better employment in terms of quality of work and earnings. Hence, both modernisation and employment generation are not contradictory but are complementary to each other.