Distinguish between acellular and cellular slime moulds

Acellular Slime-Moulds :
1.Somatic phase dip¬loid (2n).
2. It is represented by large sized multinu- cleate plasmodium.
3. No aggregation takes place prior to forma-tion of sporangia.
4. Sporangium covered (by peridium).
5. Capitalum found in-side the sporangium.
6. Meiosis occurs inside spores.
Cellular Slime Moulds :
1. Somatic phase haploid (n).
2. It is represented by uni-nucleate amoeboid cells the myxamoebae.
3. These aggregate to pro-duce a pseudoplasmo- dium prior to formation of sporangia.
4. Sporangium naked.
5. Capitalum is absent.
6. Spores are haploid (n).