Discuss the relevance of physical education in inter disciplinary

Discuss the relevance of physical education in inter disciplinary context.

Relevance in Inter-Disciplinary Context :
Physical educalion as a subject studies the human actions under various conditions, thus other subjects of academics are also concerned for benefiting human being. Their relevence are as under.
(i) Mahematics : Lot of mathematical calculations are required in physical education like in track marking, ground marking, stagger formula, etc. Thus, a good knowledge of mathematical calculations is required.
(ii) Physics : The principles of physics help physical education in its activities. The knowledge of Aerodynamics principles of physics helps to improve performance. Kinsiology and Biomechanics involve the principles of physics. Therefore it plays important role in physical education.
(iii) Physiotherapy : The rehabilitation process after injury is done by physiotherapy. It brings back the lost performance through exercises. This has very relevant importance in physical education.
(iv) Medical Stream : In physical education, the medical knowledge is very helpful like in the treatment of injury, prevention and cure of injury, over-coming health problems, etc. This aspect is learned through medical stream so it has relevance with physical education.
(v) Biology : In physical education Human Anatomy and Exercise-Physiology are studied. So, Biology has great relevance in physical education.
(vi) Health Education : Health education studies the health principles, optimum health development, healthy environment, hygiene, etc. This is also promoted by physical education, thus both educational subject cannot be separated from each other.
(vii)Management:The activities of the physical education needs good organisation, administration and management skills, thus it is guided by management techniques. In physical education, sport management guides the administration, organisation, infrastructure techiques, etc. for better results.
(viii) Teaching Methods : Physical education provides best teaching experience. It also helps to understand various teaching methods. It also guides the proper training methods for various activities.
(ix) Sociology : This subject studies the social phenomena. Physical education plays important role in socialisation process.
Therefore, Sociology has great importance in physical education to improve personality and also helps to bring social changes.
(x) Psychology : Psychological factors like motivation, feedback, learning patterns, behaviour modification etc. are better understood by psychology. A branch of sports-psychology deals the psychological patterns in physical education to enhance performance.
(ix) Dietary and postural Remedies : Good knowledge of dietry, postural remedies, bio-chemistry, etc. help in the enhancement of performance.