Discuss the main drawbacks of our healthcare system

The main drawbacks of our healthcare system are as follows :
(i) Expenditure on health sector is 4.2 % of total expenditure from budgets of all states. This is low as compared to other countries, both developed and developing.
(ii) Health care system in India is not well equipped to fight against AIDS.
(iii) At present, less than 20 % of the population utilises public health facilities.
(iv) According to a study, only 38 % of the PHCs have the required number of doctors and only 30 % of the PHCs have sufficient stock of medicines.
(v) The PHCs located in rural areas do not offer even X-ray or blood testing facilities.
(vi) Villagers have no access to any specialised medical care like paediatrics, gynaecology, anaesthesia and obstetrics.