Discuss the causes, events and results of the Battle of Plassey

Discuss the causes, events and results of the Battle of Plassey.

Causes : After the death of Alivardi Khan, Sirajuddaulah became the nawab of Bengal. The Company wanted to limit his power and aimed at securing more trade concessions from them. Sirajuddaulah was an assertive ruler who asked the East India Company not to interfere in the political affairs of the state, to stop fortifying the area and to pay the revenues to the state. After the Company refused to accept his demands, Sirajuddaulah marched with his army to Kassimbazar and imposed his writ. He also took over the fort at Calcutta.

Events : Hearing this news, the Madras officials of the Company sent troops under Robert Clive’s command. Robert Clive entered into a secret alliance with one of the commanders of the nawab’s army, Mir Jafar. Sirajuddaulah was defeated in the battle of Plassey.

Results : After the defeat in the battle, Sirajuddaulah was executed, and Mir Jafar was instated as the Nawab of Bengal. It consolidated the British rule in Bengal. The revenues of Bengal not only helped them to organise their armies but also to finance wars with other Indian states.