Differentiate between: Liverworts and Mosses

Liverworts :

  1. They have a thallus like dorsoventrally flattened body.
  2. Rhizoids unicellular.
  3. Scales are present.
  4. Sporogonium is differentiated into foot,seta and capsule. In some cases foot and seta may be absent.
  5. The sporogonium does not synthesis its food.
  6. Capsule has spores and elaters.
  7. Peristomial teeth are absent.
  8. Columella is lacking.
  9. Protonema absent.
  10. Spores germinate directly into a new plant.
    Mosses :
    1.There are differentiated into stem-like and leaf-like structures.
    2.Rhizoids multicellular and branched.
    3.Scales are absent.
    4.Sporogonium is differentiated into foot, seta and capsule. The sporophyte is more elaborate.
    5.The sporogonium syn-thesis its own food.
    6.Elaters are not present.
    7.Peristomial teeth are present on the upper end of capusle. They usually help in the dispersal of spores.
    8.Columella is found.
    9.Spores germinate to form a filamentous pro-tonema.
    10.Protonema bear buds laterally which give rise to leafy gametophyte.
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