Describe what disaster occurs on earth,

Describe what disaster occurs on earth, if photosynthesis life process stops.
A. If photosynthesis by plants stops, food will not be available to all other living organ¬isms. Because all these organisms cannot prepare their own food material. Hence heterotrophy dies due to lack of food.
2) Carbondioxide is required for the process of photosynthesis by plants. If it stops the concentration of C02 increases in the air that leads to increase in the tempera¬tures of the earth. If the temperature increases it causes global warming which causes melting of ice. This results in increase in sea levels and water inundates the low lying areas near the sea coast. So all the low lying areas drown leading to the death of many organisms.
3) Photosynthesis releases oxygen into atmosphere. If photosynthesis does not occur the oxygen may not be available for the living, organisms. This leads to death of living organisms.