Describe various bad effects of alcohol on human being

Describe various bad effects of alcohol on human being.

Effects of Alcohol:
(a) Domestic and Occupational Life : Due to drinking habits a person is not able to give complete time to his family and office. As a reason the distance between the personal and professional relations increases. This may lead to the separation between them.
(b) Accidents : An Alcoholic person should not drive vehicles, as it could prove fatal because of alight misjudgement. Drunken driving is not encouraged by the traffic rules as well.
© Emotional Factors : A man under the influence of alcohol is unstable emotionally. He becomes aggressive, violent, feels like having a fight and may start crying without reason.
(d) Social Status : People do not like to be social and friendly with a person who takes alcohol regularly. A drunken person is likely to cause embarrassment to all. So people avoid social relations with people who drink too frequently.
(e) Mental Effects : Alcohol affects the brain of a person. A person under the influence of liquor is not able to take good decisions. His judgemental and reasoning power becomes poor.
(f) Financial Problems : Regular drinkers need finances to support their Alcohol needs and demands. This becomes a financial problem for many. They start making excuses to borrow money or even resort to stealing.
(g) Crime and Violence : As alcohol affects the brain of a person, the reasoning power gets badly affected. One is not able to distinguish between good and bad. Even the smallest of matters are enough to provoke the person to indulge in anti¬social acts.
(h) Physical Effects : Alcohol hampers the functioning of the body like poor neuromuscular coordination, high blood pressure, reduces the sugar level of body, loss of appetite and detrimental effect on the liver.