Describe the various types of placentations found in flowering plants

  1. Marginal: Ovary one chambered and ovules lie along the margin of the ovary, e.g., Gram and pea.
  2. Parietal : Ovary one chambered and ovules lie at the level of the fusion of two carpels, e.g., Mustard.
  3. Axile : Ovary many chambered and the ovules’ are’ attached to the central column, e.g., Onion and lemon.
  4. Free central : Ovary one chambered. The centre bears many ovules, e.g., Dianthus and Primula.
  5. Basal: Ovary one chambered and ovules develop on the thalamus, e.g., Sunflower.
  6. Superficial: Ovary is multilocular and syncarpous. Ovules develop on the minor surface of the ovary, e.g., Nymphea