Describe the procedure of proposal of Award and explain when the

Describe the procedure of proposal of Award and explain when the award stands cancel.

Proposals for Award : The Proposal for the award should be submitted every year by the 31st of May, for the preceding year ending on 31 st March, for consideration of the department. In case the application is received after 31st May, neither will it be considered for that year nor be carried forward to the next year. Proposals may be sent to the Department by MP, MLA, Sports Authority of India or National Sports Federations. The proposal must be accompanied by application form on the precribed proforma. If this is not done or if the application is incomplete, it may not be considered. On the receipt in the department on prescribed proforma duly completed, the application will be referred to SAI / National Sports Federation to verify and certify that the sports achievements mentioned there in are correct. The department of Youth Affairs and Sports may further investigate and examine
the sports achievements of an applicant for consideration of his/her candidature for this award. The department will constitute a committee of eminent sportspersons/sports administrators of longstanding and unimpeachable integrity for considering these applications and for taking final decision on the award. The final decision of this committee cannot he challenged in any court of law. This award will be in addition to any other award. This award will be given to a sportsperson only once in his/her lifetime. This award can be given posthumously as well. (3)
Cancellation of Award. The award may be cancelled in case it is found that it has been obtained by practice of fraud or misrepresentation. In the event of cancellation of the award, a simple notification will be issued by the department. Regarding cancellation, the decision of the department will be final. The Government shall have the right to restore the award after the cancellation, if it deems fit. This award is the most prestigious and highest Sport Award of the country.