Describe the habit, habitat and morphology of moss

Habit, Habitat and Morphology of Moss:
(a) It is a good example of leafy bryophyte. It grows in moist shady places.
(b) The plant (2.3 cms in height) has a tiny stem with a number of small leaves.
© The true roots are absent but rhizoids fix the plant to the ground and perform the functions of roots.
(d) The leaves and stem portion bear chlorophyll with the help of which it manufactures food.
(e) The adult plant represents the gametophyte.
(f) It bears antheridia and archegonia which produce antherozoids (male gametes) and egg.
(g) Fertilization takes place inside the archegonium.
(h) The zygote formed by the fusion of the two gametes develops into sporophyte.
(i) It grows and consists of three parts : foot, seta and capsule.