Describe any three demands of the Sri Lankan Tamils. How did they struggle for their demands?

‘Sri Lankan Tamils’ started their struggle by lanching their political parties for the;
(i) recognition of Tamil as an official language and regional autonomy.
(ii) For regional autonomy.
(iii) Equality of opportunity in securing education and jobs.
In order to protest for their demand they started a political struggle in the way of conflict with the government.
(i) By 1980s several political organisation were formed demanding an independent Tamil Elam (State) in northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka.
(ii) The distrust between the two communities turned into wide spread conflict which soon turned into a civil war.
(iii) Asa resultthousandsofpeopleof posh communities have been killed and caused a terrible set back to the social, cultural and economic life of the country.