Define physiology and enumerate the systems of the human body

Define physiology and enumerate the systems of the human body.

Physiology : The term physiology means the science which deals with the functioning of organs, their relationship with other organs and their effects.
Main systems of the human hody :
(i) Skeletal System : It consists of bones, joints, cartilage, etc., It provides body frame work and shape to body. It protects delicate organs and gives junction to skeletal muscles.
(ii) Muscular System : It consits of muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. It provides movement to body through its contraction.
(iii) Criculatory System : It consists of blood, blood vessels, heart, etc. If provides fluid movement in body.
(iv) Digestive System: It consists of digestive organs like the stomach, food pipe, intestine, etc. It helps in energy production.
(v) Respiratory System : It consists of breathing organs like lungs, trachea, alveoli, etc. It also helps in energy production.
(vi) Nervous System : It consists of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It controls the working of various organs of the body.
(vii) Glandular System : It consists of endocrine and exocrine glands like liver, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, salivary, intestine, etc. It helps various organs to work properly.
(viii) Excretory System : It consists of kidneys,skin, etc. It helps in excreting waste from the body.
(ix) Reproductive System : It consists of reproductive organs. It helps in reproducing young ones.