Define growth,differentiation, development,dedifferentiation

Define growth, differentiation, development,dedifferentiation,redifferentiation, determinate growth, and growth rate,
a) Growth : Growth is defined as a permanent or irreversible increase in dry weight, size, mass or
volume of a cell, organ or organism.
(b) Differentiation : Differentiation is a permanent localised qualitative change in size, biochemistry, structure and function of cells, tissues or organs.
(3) Development : It is the sequence of events that occurs in the life history of a cell, organ or organism which includes growth, differentiation, maturation, and senescence.
(4) Dedifferentiation : The sum of events that bestow the regaining capacity in differentiated cells to divide once again are termed as dedifferentiation.
(5) Redifferentiation : The product of dedifferentiated cells or tissues which lose the ability to divide are called redifferentiated cells or tissues and this event is called as redifferentiation.
(6) Determinate growth: It is open growth in plants. It occurs in certain regions of a plant.
(7) Meristem : It is located at root and shoot tips. The meristem refers to the cells that remain dividing.
(8) Growth rate : Increased growth per unit time is
known as growth rate. Rate of growth may be expressed mathematically. An organism/a part of an organism may produce more cells in different ways.