"Consumption of energy in all forms has been rising all over the country

“Consumption of energy in all forms has been rising all over the country. There is an urgent need to develop a sustainable path of energy development and energy saving”. Suggest and explain any three measures to solve this burning problem.

Energy is a basic requirement for economic development.
The strategy of economic development that India adopted since independence necessarily required increasing amount of energy consumption. As a result, consumption of energy in all forms has been rising. To take care of this concern various measures that need to be adopted are as follows
(i) We need to increase the use of renewable energy resources like solar, wind power, biogas, tidal energy and geothermal energy. This will decrease the dependence on non-renewable sources.
(ii) We have to adopt a cautious approach for judicious use of our limited energy resources. For example as a concerned citizen we can use public transport system in place of individual vehicle.
(iii) Another measure that need to be adopted is promotion of energy conservation, e.g., switching off electrical devices when not in use, using power saving devices.