"Consumer movements can be effective only with the consumer' s active

"Consumer movements can be effective only with the consumer’ s active involvement’’. Which values according to you can consumers support?

Consumers can support the following values
(i) Voluntary participation Consumer movements require a voluntary effort and struggle involving the participation of one and all.
(ii) Self-Awareness It means consciousness of one’s self. Awareness is the first step in the creation process. The consumer should be aware about their rights and duties.
They should purchase quality marked products, ask for cash memo, make complaint for genuine grievances.
(iii) Interpersonal skills This refers to mental and communicative problem solving procedure applied during social communications and interaction to reach certain results.
Having positive interpersonal skills increases the productivity in the organisation or society. This is because, it reduces a number of conflicts.
(iv) Respect to differences Members of the movement should respect differences amongst them. We must respect the ability of others in which they are good at. While never boost your superiority complex pertaining your ability.
(v) Responsibility It means taking care of one’s duties. We evaluate people or groups as responsible or irresponsible depending on how seriously they take their responsibilities.