'Choice put ltd' is engaged in e-business

‘Choice put ltd’ is engaged in e-business. Orders from customers are received through a website created by company. The customers have to make advance payment for the goods ordered. The company often adopts the following business practice:

  1. Goods of inferior quality are supplied.
  2. Goods are not supplied on time or not supplied at all.
    3.Complaints made by the customeis are not heard and if heard not redressed at all.
    Identify the values ignored by the company and their effects.

The values ignored by the company are as follows :

  1. Compliance of ethical business practice.
  2. Protection of the interest of customers.
    3.Respecting the consumer rights, right to be heard and right to seek redressal.
    Effects of distorting the above values will be:
  3. It will impair the image of the company.
  4. Customers will show their apathy towards the
    company in particular and towards e-business in general.