"Caste system and politics in India cannot be separated." Justify. Or "Caste system is very much inherent in politics." Justify the statement

Caste System is inherent in Indian politics because it plays a dominant role in the Indian Politics.
(i) There are many caste pressure groups like the Scheduled Caste Federation, etc. which influence those who are in power by different methods to get their demands met. Caste also plays an important role when candidates are nominated by political parties for a particular constituency. Voters even though illiterate tend to vote for people belonging to their caste, in the hope that they will uphold their caste interest.
(ii) Political parties like the DMK, AIADK and BSP have come up to protect the interests of the backward classes. Even while ministeries are formed, different castes are kept in mind.
(iii) The scheduled castes and tribes are given reservations in educational institutions, legislatures and government jobs. This is to remove their historically accumulated backwardness. But it has led to strengthening of casteism and caste identity and reservation conflicts.
All this shows that caste is an important aspect of politics.

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