Can u sugest me some topics for biology investigatory projects..i.e.smthing really easy

can u sugest me some topics for biology investigatory projects…i.e.smthing really easy

With respect to animal husbandry, there are few projects which can be easily carried out.

  1. Visit a fish farm in breeding season of fishes and note the following:
    a. Varieties of fishes in ponds
    b. Types and number of each type of ponds
    c. Ingredients in supplementary feed being used in the farm
    d. What is the annual production of the fish farm?
    e. From where fish seeds have been brought to the farm for stocking?
    f. Observe male and female ripe breeders of catla, rohu and mrigal. Try to identify male fish from female fish.

  2. Visit a fish hatchery farm to learn about the methods of induced breeding. Based on the observations, explain what are the problems faced by the fish farmers.

  3. To produce a callus tissue through plant tissue culture techniques.