Can u send me the character sketch of all the main characters of the novel , " invisible man "

Can u send me the character sketch of all the main characters of the novel , " invisible man "

Due to time constraints, we cannot give you character sketches of all the main characters from the novel The Invisible Man. However, you can refer to some of the following character sketches that we could provide in the time we have for each question.

Griffin is the titular character of the story ‘The Invisible Man’. When he arrives at a village inn, he generates a lot of curiosity among the villagers. He comes with a bandaged head, wearing dark glasses and sporting side whiskers. This was the method by which he concealed his invisibility. He is dishonest as he once tried to escape without paying for his bills at the inn. He escapes and commits thefts by misusing his invisibility. It is revealed that in his pursuit of invisibility, he robbed money from his father. The money actually belonged to someone else and his father commits suicide unable to bear the shame. He is a maniacal person who has homicidal tendencies. He sends a letter to his friend in which he reveals his plans to murder one person every day. Griffin’s visible body is only revealed when he is struck dead.

Dr. Kemp
Dr. Kemp is a scientist who is a former acquaintance of Griffin. He is interested in the bizarre and eerie side of science. He hopes to be admitted one day into The Royal Society. And in this pursuit, he keeps studying science relentlessly. He has a scientific bent of mind and listens to Griffin’s story with a lot of interest. Unlike the locals, Dr. Kemp is a calm and composed person. He turns down Griffin’s request to join him in his evil endeavours since he is sick of his cruelty. He believes that Griffin is insane and homicidal. Dr. Kemp is instrumental in leading the police to Griffin and killing him.

Thomas Marvel is a traim who is recruited to aid the Invisible Man as his visible partner. He handles the Invisible Man’s scientific notebooks and money. He eventually becomes frightened of his invisible partner and escapes to Port Burdock. He takes the notebooks and the stolen money with him, and seeks police protection. He invites the anger of the Invisible Man who seeks revenge for his betrayal. In the end, Marvel is spared by him and is left with the stolen money. He opens an inn and names it after his former adversary the Invisible Man. He also keeps his notes and reads all of Griffin’s secret in privacy.

Dr. Cuss
Dr. Cuss is a person who was intrigued by the tales he had heard about Griffin. Learning about his appearance, he decides to investigate the matter by pretending to ask for donations for the nurse’s fund. Griffin plays a trick on him by pinching his nose. Frightened by this, he approaches Rev, Bunting.

Colonel Adye
He is the Chief of Police at Port Burdock. He is instrumental in saving Dr. Kemp from the Invisible Man’s attack on his life. He follows Dr. Kemp’s orders to trap the Invisible Man but unfortunately falls prey to the evil Griffin’s bullets. It is unclear in the novel whether he survived the attack or not. On being shot, he is said to have not got up. But in the epilogue he is mentioned to have questioned Marvel about Griffin’s whereabouts.