Briefly describe the aims and measures of reproductive

Briefly describe the aims and measures of reproductive and child healthcare programmes in India.

Reproductive and Child Healthcare (RCH) Programmes
Major tasks of RCH programmes are:
(i) Creating awareness among people about various aspects of reproduction.
(ii) Providing facilities and support to build-up a reproductively healthy society.
Some of the measures taken are:
• The Government and Non-Government agencies use audio-visual and print media for creating awareness.
• Introduction of sex education in schools is a good step for providing right information to the adolescents so as to discourage them from believing in myths and misconceptions about sex-related issues.
• Adolescents are being educated about reproductive organs, adolescence related changes, safe and hygenic sexual practices and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), which would help people, specifically adolescents, to lead a reproductively healthy life.
• Educating people, especially fertile couples and those in marriageable age groups about the following: Birth control options, Care of pregnant mothers, Post-natal care of mother and child, Importance of breast-feeding, Equal opportunities for male and female child.